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Remote MD

I try to create beautiful WebSlides by combining a html-template with md-content. Typically, they have the same filename (but for the extension) in the same directory (and site).

In this blog, we are examining another option: Apparently it is possible to load a remote MD-file. This gives new options. By example: host a (generated) html-file on one cloud-provider and the md-file on another-one.

Unfortunately this setup is unstable: It may work, and sometimes does; but it may fail too….

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The html-template

Within the concept as described in Revealjs + Markdown, a “html-template” is needed.

Although such a file is needed for each webslide, most of this html-template is “fixed”. Typically a standard one is composed once, and that one is configured per webslide. Both steps are described in this article.

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Revealjs + Markdown

Reveal.js (@gitgub) is a open-source (MIT-Licensed) HTML-Framework for easily creating beautiful presentations using HTML —according to there website. It has a nice live demo too.

I’m going to use it with markdown however…

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