Sphinx and reStructuredText (RST) are great tools to build and maintain documentation. However, the ability for “slide decks” is limited. In practice, most of my presentation are made by PowerPoint or Keynote – and so, are hard to maintain.

This has to be changed…

Out of the box, there are several options, both with and without Sphinx. Hieroglyph by example, adds a builder to Sphinx, for HTML-based presentation. Whereas reveal.js uses (simplified) html with a javascript-library which is used. Html isn’t the simplest way to author (& maintain) slides; there are many attempts to generate revealjs from RST, MD (etc). And revealjs has even a option to use markdown.

In this chapter, several articles (or blogs: WebSlides) give an overview on existing options. And describe my search to combination to a useful combination.


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