CCastle Notes

My ambition:

Castle: ‘The best Real-Time/Embedded/Technical/System language, EVER

—ALbert Mietus

It’s also the first programming-language that support CC: Connected Components. Where CC is kind of of the successor of OO: active ‘things’ that communicate (solely) by input and output ports …
(Yes, I know, ambition and reality are not always aligned…)


CCastle2 is the second attempt, and the successor of CC-Castle, a project that is stalled and stopped.

It incorporates moderen SW-Enginering concepts as DSL/MDE (Model-based development); where the domain is Technical and/or Embedded-Systems. It focuses on high quality ‘always on’ and/or flawless systems; including real-time systems, kernel-drivers, compilers, etc. It also expects and support both low-end (“cheap”) SoC (System-on-Chip) systems, and CPU’s with many, many cores (hundreds to thousands!).


This section contains a set of pages & blog-post on this topic. Some a design-studies, some explain how to use the language, some are … just notes.

‘One day’ the pages will be incorporated into the (docs of, the source of) CCastle2


Old plantUML-version on RTD

Some UML-diagrams are shown in this section, which are defied by plantUML. However, ReadTheDocs currently support only an old version (1.2017.15; 2017). which has no theme and other support to make it more nice-looking. Therefore all those “lines” are comment out (or rewritten)


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