TODO Language design

SlowStart (Language Design, ToDo)

This is part of the Congestion Avoidance concept.


In a draft version of the docs we used “FastGrow”, but SlowStart seems a better ter,


  • Design a “standard base/pod protocol SlowStart, that can be used as base for SimpleSieve to solve the Castle-Heisenbug.

  • Document (how to use) this document too

Rewriters (TODO)

Rewriters are a bit like @decorator in python (before a class/function), and @meta-functions in CPP2 (after the class). They take a function (or class/component/…) written in “compact” CCastle-code, and rewrite it into more specific, general CCastle-Code.

You can see them as “compiler plugins” (like in CPP2) –see: Transformers–, but can be developed by typical (CCastle) programmers.

The “expand” (or “generate”) code) during compiling – typically at AST (actually: Abstract Intermediate Graph Representation) level


Design the @Rewriters


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