TODO (Usage)

The Walruss in the room (todo)


  • Basic rules on operators: Only when LHS and RHS are interchangeable , the symbol is symetric

    • Assignment: ‘:=’, the walrus-operators; aka Pascal’s becomes

    • equality : ‘==’

    • connect in/out ports: ‘=’

  • Reason: the language should reduce the risk on mistakses that lead to errors. In C/C++ : if (a=2) ...

Matching Statements (todo)


Declarative programming (todo)


  • I like a declarative style

    • describe what you need; not how to implement (the details)

  • Makefiles are a good example

  • Argparse (vs loop over argv) is a second example


CCastle: blog: “(1) declare what you need”. Declarative style programing. Eg loop over Argv vs argparse, makefiles

Cyclic woods (todo)


Generalise and abstract the famous tree-structure and allow cycles

E.g. a AST is tree with “cycles”: Each var is defined and used. Use “href” alike

See also

Its is (maybed) related to Matching Statements (todo)

Concurrent//Connected Components (ToDo)


Write a few blog about the CC-concept

XXX (ToDo)

Sieving Prime components (ToDo)

Castle Tools (ToDo)


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