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“The Trebuchet” is the working-title of Mutation testing tool for Castle; to be written in castle.

The (first) ideas is to not modify the code-files (as many tools do), but to read those files into parse-tre (or in an ATS) and modify that one. It should execute (much) faster, but more important: I hate it when tools change my files – and my editor doesn’t like it either


For MutationTestTool builders:

  • Plz do not, never, touch the files!

  • Make a virtual, “ram-based” temp-disk, copy all files to there and modify & test there. It also a lot faster!

Simulation/Verification (todo)

UseCase: Simulate & Verify all possible event-orders U_Tools_EventOrder ../../../_images/arrow-right-circle.svg

To prevent Heisenbugs, Castle should come with a tools to

  • Simulate “other” event-orders (show it’s effect to the user)

  • Verify that “any” event-order results in a logical & correct result.

See also

Verum’s Dezyne” has such a tool


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