AIGR/SIEVE Namespace analyse

skin rose
'skinparam style strictuml
skinparam sequenceMessageAlign left

actor Dev
entity T_Protocol
boundary "CastleMacros.jinja2" as m

!procedure $register($ns, $n, $details=0)
    Dev -> $ns             : register($n)
   $ns o--\o $n : ""$ns._dict[$n] := $n""
    activate $ns

   !if $details
     group details
       $ns ->  $ns    : _register_2ways()
       $ns-> $n      : register_in_NS()
       $n o--\o $ns   :""$n._ns := $ns""
       $n o--\o $ns   :""$n._ns := $ns""
   deactivate $ns

participant "simple_sieve :NS"  as simple_sieve    #LightSkyBlue
participant "slow_start :NS"    as slow_start      #LightSkyBlue
participant "SimpleSieve:P"     as SimpleSieve
participant "SlowStart_1:P"     as SlowStart_1
participant "SlowStart:P"       as SlowStart

== TestDoubles/AIGR/sieve/ ==

$register(simple_sieve, slow_start,1)
alt "old AIGR"
  $register(simple_sieve, SlowStart_1)
else "deleted 'simple_sieve.register(protocols.SlowStart_1)'"
  note over simple_sieve, SlowStart1 #aqua: Is it a hack? Should it be in RenderNS (ToDo), or ...
$register(simple_sieve, SimpleSieve)
$register(slow_start, SlowStart)

== pytst/writers/RPy/

[-> T_Protocol: render((sieve.SlowStart_1, sieve.SimpleSieve))
note left: ""inherit_from={{}}.{{m.ProtocolName(proto.based_on)}}""

... sieve.SlowStart_1 ...
T_Protocol -> SlowStart_1: based_on()
SlowStart_1 o/--x SlowStart: "".based_on""
T_Protocol <-- SlowStart_1: SlowStart

T_Protocol ->  SlowStart: ns()
T_Protocol <-- SlowStart: slow_start

opt "obj 2 str"
   T_Protocol -> slow_start :name
   T_Protocol <-- slow_start : "slow_start"

T_Protocol -> m: ProtocolName(SlowStart)
T_Protocol <--m: ""cc_P_Slowstart""
note right:   cc_P_{{}}
note left of T_Protocol: inherit_from=slow_start.cc_P_SlowStart

... sieve.SimpleSieve ...
T_Protocol -> SimpleSieve: based_on()
SimpleSieve o/--x SlowStart_1: "".based_on""
T_Protocol <-- SimpleSieve: SlowStart_1

T_Protocol ->  SlowStart_1: ns()
alt "old AIGR"
   T_Protocol <-- SlowStart_1: simple_sieve
   note left: Note: ‘simple_sieve’ is (also) is the current namespace\n\tSo, it should be named

   opt "obj 2 str"
      T_Protocol ->   simple_sieve : name
      T_Protocol <--  simple_sieve : "<color:red>simple_sieve</color>"

   T_Protocol -> m: ProtocolName(SimpleSieve)
   T_Protocol <--m: ""cc_P_SimpleSieve""
   note right:   cc_P_{{}}

   note left of T_Protocol #orangered: <color:yellow>inherit_from=<color:white>simple_sieve.<color:yellow>cc_P_SimpleSieve
else "deteled 'simple_sieve.register(protocols.SlowStart_1)'"
   T_Protocol <-- SlowStart_1: <NIL>

   T_Protocol -> m: ProtocolName(SimpleSieve)
   T_Protocol <--m: ""cc_P_SimpleSieve""

   note left of T_Protocol #lime: <color:white>inherit_from=cc_P_SimpleSieve</color>



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