AIGR nodes for Machinery (240408)


class AIGR

package machinery {

class "machinery" as M {
delegate: implementation
note right #aquamarine
   There are many Machineries (options).
   All implementation details are
   stored the the delegate.
   (None when abstract)

abstract send_proto {
  + outport
note top #aqua
   This represents a
   line-of-code to
   **send** event/data
   over a connection
end note

class sendStream <<ToDo>> {}
class sendData  <<ToDo>> {}
class sendEvent {
  + event: Event
  + arguments: ArgumentList
send_proto  <|-- sendStream
send_proto  <|-- sendData
send_proto  <|-- sendEvent

abstract DispatchTable {
  handlers: List
DispatchTable <|-- eDispatchTable

send_proto -> DispatchTable

class connection {
  + outport: <outport, component>
  + inport:    <inport,  component>
note top #aqua
  This is the result of
  a line-of-code that
  connects two ports
M <|--- send_proto
M <|--- connection
M <|--- DispatchTable

AIGR <|--M

class EventHandler
note left: A component-callable\n per event (in a Protocol),\n per port
Entity Port
'protocol  Protocol
class  Protocol
'metaclass Component
class Component

connection  o->  Port: out
connection  o->  Port: in

'Port  <-* Protocol  : uses
Port "*" <-* Component

eDispatchTable      ->    "*"  EventHandler
eDispatchTable  "1" <...  "1"  Port
Component           *-->  "*" EventHandler

Entity Event {
  # name
  # index:key
note left #aquamarine: Basically, a name in a Protocol (definition),\n and (also) the key (index/number) in a DispatchTable
sendEvent o--> Event

Event "1".. "*" EventHandler
Event .> Protocol: > part of



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